Farming Connect Forestry Events


Join Farming Connect and industry specialist in the Confor marquee at the Royal Welsh show to discover opportunities for farmers & landowners to improve income streams through forestry and the woodland carbon code.

The event will show how revenue from forestry and the woodland carbon code can be integrated into the farm business. The revenue can be used to improve the better land on the farm thus contributing to improving economic and environmental performance. The example used will be one of Farming Connect’s Demonstration Farms, Tynyberth, and the process of applying for the Glastir woodland creation grant through to approval and implementation to completion will be presented using the 47ha site.

The woodland carbon code concept will be explained and the process of calculating the carbon to be sequestered on site through to presenting the volume on the market and possible £/ton value that could be gained.

By attending this event you will learn about:

  • Future revenue opportunities through planting woodland on the farm.
  • New planting grants, the application process, planning and logistics of a tree planting scheme.
  • The woodland carbon code and financial value of carbon sequestered through planting trees that can provide financial benefit for the farm business.
  • Securing a timber resource for the future.

Buffet lunch is available. To book your attendance at the event please email Geraint Jones at    Or telephone: 07398178698