Poultry Show at Royal Welsh Spring Festival

29 April 2013

Next month’s Royal Welsh Spring Festival will be the culmination of weeks of careful preparation by poultry breeders from across Wales and elsewhere who will be competing at the Poultry Club of Wales Show to be staged during the event on the showground at Llanelwedd, Builth Wells.

Preparing poultry for showing is a painstaking task which involves producing the birds in peak condition through good feeding and management and presenting them well groomed, shampooed and shining, ready for judging.

The hobby of poultry breeding and showing brings together enthusiasts of all ages and a large variety of traditional British and exotic breeds of poultry originating from countries around the world.  Many of those interesting and fascinating breeds can be seen by visitors to the Festival for which three hundred classes and special awards for poultry and waterfowl are scheduled.

The show, which takes place on the first day, Saturday May 18, of the two-day Festival, will be held under the rules of the Poultry Club of Great Britain founded over 130 years ago to safeguard the interests of pure and traditional breeds of poultry and throughout the world.  Events like this one at the Festival fulfil a crucial role in protecting irreplaceable stock bloodlines which have been maintained for generations.

The many breeds displayed have long histories behind them since domestic poultry were commonly kept throughout the ancient world thousands of years ago.

The show includes geese and ducks of many varieties including those for Indian Runners, striking looking ducks with tall upright bodies, which can run very quickly.

There are also classes for young poultry fanciers for whom the show will be an enlightening experience as they make their first attempt at winning one of the events prestigious prizes.