The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society helps Somerset farmers

17 March 2014

In a unanimous vote of support for fellow farmers, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors last week agreed to donate £2,000 to the rural communities affected by the floods in Somerset.

During their most recent monthly board meeting the Directors of the Society decided that the plight of the farming community on the Somerset levels was so unprecedented, that they wanted to do their bit to help.

“The farming community is strong and stretches far and wide.” explains the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr John Davies.

“It was only last year that our English counterparts co-ordinated a fodder bank for Welsh farmers in need during the snow. To show their gratitude and to return the kind gesture many Welsh farmers have already sent fodder and other supplies to the farming families in need and as the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society we felt very strongly that we also wanted to show our support and help where we can.

“We can only imagine what turmoil the families affected by the flooding must be going through and it will be many months before they are able to get their land, farms and businesses back up and running - they will need all the support they can get through the tough times ahead.

The Society’s donation has been sent to RABI, whose emergency fund is being been used to help the farming families in Somerset affected by the floods.