Superfast Cymru is coming to the Royal Welsh

10 April 2014

Installation of the new superfast broadband at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s showground in Llanelwedd.

The latest in a whole range of benefits the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society brings to mid Wales is the early roll out of superfast broadband to the showground and consequently the surrounding area.

Business and local residents in Builth Wells and Llanelwedd will soon benefit from Superfast Cymru – a fibre upgrade enabling superfast internet connection and improved broadband speeds.

As one of the Powys Local Growth Zones, the area has always been in-line to benefit from this enhanced communications infrastructure, but thanks to the hard work and negotiations between the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, BT and Welsh Government, these plans have been brought forward and will see the showground and local area able to subscribe and take advantage of these improvements this spring.

Always striving to be at the forefront of technology and an industry leader, the society was adamant that the showground should be able to offer businesses and the conference venues on site the very best facilities available. Superfast broadband enables businesses to work faster and more efficiently, benefitting from faster upload and download speeds and reducing the need to travel, helping to create jobs and cut costs – a huge advantage in rural mid Wales.

The society hopes that the superior internet speeds will also be used to provide free WiFi spots around the showground during the summer show in July, going a little way to help ease the congestion of the mobile phone signal during that incredibly busy week.

The knock-on effect of these developments at the showground means that the local area benefits too. Various green communications cabinets in and around the town are currently being upgraded and once the service becomes live, customers will be able to place an order to take full advantage of the improved internet speeds.

“Having superfast broadband installed at the showground so soon is very exciting and as a local person, I am really pleased that this upgrade will benefit both the society and the local area.” says Steve Hughson, Chief Executive of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. “Ensuring businesses and homes in mid Wales have access to new technology advances is essential to keeping our local economy buoyant and our communities alive.”

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