Free WiFi at the Royal Welsh

15 July 2014


For the first time, visitors to the Royal Welsh Show will this year be able to access free WiFi hotspots around the showground.

Thanks to the hard work and negotiations between the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, Superfast Cymru, BT Openreach and Welsh Government, the showground is able to benefit from superfast internet speeds following the installation of high-speed fibre broadband.

With the support of Dragon WiFi and our sponsors, .cymru and .wales, there will be six areas around the showground where show-goers will be able to access the internet for free. It is hoped that these hotspots will go a little way to help ease the congestion of the mobile phone signal during the incredibly busy week of the show.

You will be able to find these hotspots in the following areas:

• Near the bandstand
• Near the Welsh Government Pavilion
• Near the YFC Centre
• Near the corner of the Green Pavilion
• The junction between the food hall and the shearing centre
• The grass bank over-looking the main ring next to the S4C pavilion

“With more and more organisations using social media and relying on digital platforms to communicate it is essential that the society and the show develops and embraces the opportunities that superfast internet speeds bring to the showground.” says Steve Hughson, Chief Executive of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.

“We are constantly striving to improve the facilities here at Llanelwedd and hope that those visiting our show in the heart of rural mid-Wales will benefit from the technologies readily available in other parts of the country.”

Don’t forget to make full use of the new WiFi by accessing our Royal Welsh Show 2014 app. This handy bilingual tool includes an interactive map of the showground which makes it easy to locate all the attractions at the show, a full timetable of events and competitions and allows you to create your own timetable to make sure that you don't miss a thing.

Together with the latest results, you will also be able to access pictures, stories, blogs and videos from the showground, information on traffic and the local weather forecast.

The app, produced for the society by S4C, is available to download free to iphone and Android phones.
Download the App from :iTunes Store for iphones, ipod touch and ipad:, and for Android phones including Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Motorola from Google Play: