Royal Welsh Commemorates WW1

22 July 2014

The Royal Welsh Show will be commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War with a series of military main ring attractions and displays.

The big attraction in the main ring this year will be the amazing King’s Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery - the Queen's ceremonial Saluting Battery of superb equestrian soldiers trained to drive a team of six horses that pull the First World War 'thirteen pounder' state saluting guns at a gallop.

They will perform their musical drive twice each day, most of which will be carried out at the gallop, whilst pulling their First World War 13 pounder state saluting guns. The display will include the renowned scissors movement with the carriages crossing at speed in the centre of the arena.

Continuing with the military theme the Royal Signals White Helmets will also be thrilling the crowds with their display of 22 serving soldiers riding a mix of Triumph 750, Honda 400 Kawasaki 250 motorcycles and quads. In their immaculate uniforms, the team perform spectacular feats of balance, death defying crossover rides and outstanding acrobatics, showing all the qualities of teamwork, courage, trust, strength and agility that are needed in the modern Army.

On the first three days of the show there will also be a spectacular double aerial displays from the impressive Hawker Hurricane and the high performance Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Welsh will bring their usual combination of versatility, style and repertoire both to the main ring and also in the bandstand.

Along with many military personnel, we are honoured to be joined by Angus Maxwell, a veteran Sergeant who served from 1941 – 1944, with the 1st Army of North Africa followed by the 8th Army regiment in Sicily and a short spell with the 5th American Army regiment. 

Along with his wife, Angus settled in Wales after the war where he worked for the Forestry Commission and visited the Royal Welsh Show often.

Angus will be taking the salute for the White Helmets on Tuesday afternoon.

“The Royal Welsh Show is honoured this year to have such a strong military presence both in the main ring, overhead and on the military stand. We should all acknowledge the excellent work our armed forces have done and will continue to do so in our name” said Steve Hughson, Chief Executive of the Royal Welsh Show.