Nominations open for 2015 Royal Welsh awards

14 January 2015

12 of the Royal Welsh Advisory Committees are currently considering who they will be nominating for this year’s Sir Bryner Jones Memorial Award and the Dr Emrys Evans Award.

Sir Bryner Jones was Agriculture Commissioner for Wales in 1912 and later became Welsh Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture. He shaped the direction of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society for 50 years and was president of the society during its golden jubilee year in 1954. The trophy was given to the society in his memory by his daughter in 1957.

For 2015 the Sir Bryner Jones Memorial Award will be presented to someone in Wales who is actively involved in the production of poultry on a commercial entity and who shows innovation adding value to the economy of Wales.

Dr Emrys Evans was the chairman of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s board of directors. He died in office on the eve of the Royal Welsh centenary show in 2004 and the award was introduced in his memory two years later.

The theme for this year’s Dr Emrys Evans Award is crop husbandry and the judges will be assessing the candidates skills in soil nutrition, choice of crops (including grass) and selection of varieties, rotations, methods of cultivations and machinery used, selection and application of organic and inorganic fertilizers, pest and weed control, the environment, harvesting, storage and marketing.

Entries for both of the esteemed awards close on 1 April 2015.