The Royal Welsh promises to continue to makes changes to remain successful

14 December 2015

“We can be proud as we look back on another successful year.” said Mr David Lewis, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s chairman of council.

In his opening remarks to the society’s annual council meeting, Mr Lewis said “It is important that we reflect on the year that was, and there is much that we can be proud of.  But we should also look for areas where there is still room for development and challenge ourselves to continually improve so that we maintain our position as the finest Agricultural Society and organiser of the best Agricultural shows in the UK.”

In his speech to the society’s council members, Mr John Davies, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s chairman of the board of directors, agreed with Mr Lewis and explained that “despite our successes, we must remain mindful of the challenges facing the agricultural industry and other similar events”. 

“With changes to the way single farm payments are made and the challenges facing the red meat and dairy sectors we have what some commentators describe as the perfect storm. That said, the success of the society’s three events provides a beacon of hope in this challenging world.  An opportunity to celebrate all that is best in Welsh Agriculture.”

Mr David Lewis
Chairman of Council
Mr John T Davies
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Since last year’s meeting the society has made vast strides in improving efficiency and delivering success in today’s fast moving world of changing technology and global influences, including the introduction of electronic ticketing, to begin plans to invest in our water and sewage infrastructure, to develop the society database to pay prizemoney on line and to improve the mobile phone signal during the events, to name just a few.

“Much has changed, however our core values and traditions have remained at the heart of all change and as chair of board is gives me confidence to see the degree of drive and leadership that is delivering change and making significant improvements to the society and our events” added Mr Davies.

However, there is still much to do. “I remain optimistic about the Society’s future.  We are in safe hands and with the wise council of our members, council, board and advisory committees I feel sure that we will continue to develop and grow this great organisation for many years to come.” promised Mr Davies.