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4 July 2013
All Wales RWAS silage competition winners

In spite of one of the worst seasons on record some of the best grass silage growers in Wales produced top quality results in the All Wales Clamp and Big Bale Silage competitions run by the RWAS and the Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies.

Silage is key to the production of meat and milk on many Welsh farms, and the competition is one of the most contested in the industry,

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30 June 2013
£2000 Royal Welsh Award for Clwyd stockman

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s £2000 Dr Emrys Evans Award, given this year to a person whose skills as a stockman are noted as exceptional, has been won by Martin Sivill of Glanrafon, Awen, St Asaph, Clwyd.

There were nine nominees for the award from throughout Wales who were assessed on a variety of key elements needed for the management of cattle in a modern herd.  These included the breeding and feeding of cattle, stock selection, preparing animals for markets and shows, selecting feed, and performing other practical skills such as those required for foot-trimming, dehorning, dosing, inoculation and recording.

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30 June 2013
Royal Welsh top award goes to Conwy butcher

One of the best-known butchery businesses in Wales, Edwards of Conwy, has won the 2013 Sir Bryner Jones Memorial Trophy, the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s most prestigious prize.

Since 1957 the award has been made annually to someone from a different branch of the farming industry who has reached the highest level of achievement in the chosen sector and this year it has gone to the butcher who has established a successful business through the sale and promotion of locally-produced livestock products.

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30 June 2013
The Royal Welsh Show – 50 years in pictures

A book marking the 50th anniversary since the Royal Welsh Show settled permanently at Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, in 1963, has been produced by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.

The book of 158 pages charts in words and pictures the development of the show and the transformation of the 176 acre showground into one of the finest in Europe generating around £40m a year for the economy of Mid Wales.

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20 June 2013
Lusitano horses will star at Royal Welsh Show

Classical horsemanship and the skills and style of riding practiced in bullfighting from horseback will be among the exciting main ring attractions at next month’s Royal Welsh Show.

Riders from the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art mounted on Lusitano horses, one of the world’s most beautiful and versatile equine breeds, will perform twice daily over the four days of the show at Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, from July 22-25.

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10 June 2013
Brown Swiss for Royal Welsh Show

Brown Swiss cattle, like this one wearing a cowbell, will appear at the Royal Welsh Show in July for the first time.  A dairy breed, they originated in the snow-capped Alpine regions of Switzerland and are noted for their health, hardiness and high volume milk yields.  They are said to represent one of the largest cattle populations in the world and can be found in many countries.  They were exported first to America in the 1860s and have been in Britain for some 40 years.  A breed society was established here in 1973.

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3 June 2013
Tomorrow-Today Exhibition

In 2013, the Society is establishing a new high profile exhibition of innovation in agriculture at the Royal Welsh Show.  The Tomorrow-Today Exhibition aims to promote and encourage innovation in UK agriculture and to facilitate the uptake of new technologies by transferring latest research to grass roots level.

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30 May 2013
Royal Welsh Show entries

More than 7000 entries have been received for this year’s Royal Welsh Show with 3287 horses and ponies, 3029 sheep and 886 cattle including 709 beef animals and 177 dairy.

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