RAF HAWKS Display Team


The RAF HAWKS are all members of the RAF Sports Parachuting Association (RAFSPA). It was formed in 1964 in Abingdon by 3 Parachute Jump Instructors (PJI) with the aim of providing adequate facilities for basic and advanced free fall parachuting at a reasonable cost to those serving  in the RAF. Since then, RAFSPA has undergone many changes, however, its core focus of developing RAF personnel in Sports Parachuting has remained the same.

The RAFSPA is staffed and run by men and women from a variety of trades and ranks in the RAF. Each jumper must have a minimum of 200 parachute descents and have completed arduous display parachuting assessments before they can conduct displays. They give up their spare time to improve the accessibility of the sport to RAF personnel.

All members of the RAF HAWKS are currently serving at a variety of RAF Stations across the UK and are taking time away from their primary duties to be here at the Royal Welsh Show. During their display, the team will be flying from Skydive Swansea to jump into the arena. Once they have landed, they will welcome you to meet them and discuss their display and roles in the RAF.

Although today you will see members of RAFSPA conduct a parachute display, this is one of their many duties. All team members are engaged throughout the year training and competing in a range of Sports Parachuting disciplines such as Formation Skydiving, Free Flying, Canopy Formation, Accuracy and Wing Suiting.