Supreme Pig Champion

A Christmas present for loyal customers is the way Tom Hughes describes his decision to purchase the Supreme Pig Champion pair at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair. The pair cost him £800 in total and with another £1000 for the Reserve pair of Champion lambs, it could be described as an expensive trip to Builth Wells.

Tom and his wife, Ann, saw it as an investment in their business and in the Royal Welsh Winter Fair. They and their family are staunch supporters of the Winter Fair and the Royal Welsh Show, regularly showing horses, livestock and poultry, with Tom having judged the Supreme Cattle championship five years ago.


It was then that he spent £6,200 on his first purchase at the Winter Fair, the champion he had picked, a black steer called Tommy. The customers who visit his farm shop in Llanfair PG all appreciated the extra special touch of quality and he now buys at the fair whenever possible.

Tom added: “I believe in buying my customers the best possible meat over Christmas. It’s their annual Christmas present. I like to give them a Happy Christmas.

“I sold the meat for exactly the same as everything else in the shop, the same as the price it is every week. Every year I go the Winter Fair and when I buy something I put the rosettes up in the window of the shop.

“People love to see the rosettes. They want to know they’re getting the best possible meat and I love to bring back a bit of the atmosphere of the Royal Welsh Winter Fair to them. This year you never know what will take my fancy!”

One thing is certain. Tom and his family will definitely be at the Winter Fair. His daughter, Eleri Roberts, and husband Robin will be showing cattle and it’s a chance to catch up with friends and to see some of the country’s finest stock in a relatively small area.

The butcher’s shop has become something of a visitor attraction since Tom moved out of the town because parking was a problem. Customers enjoy seeing the lambs in the fields and the foals born to their Rhydeilian Stud of cobs, as well as the banter with Tom.

He usually sources all his lambs and some cattle from his son, Alun Hughes, and son in law, Robin Roberts, both Anglesey farmers and well known on the livestock and horse show circuit. The thirty lambs, two cattle and four or five pigs he sells in an average week increases considerably in the run up to Christmas.