Supreme Poultry Champion

Famous for his award winning yogurt, Llaeth y Llan’s Gareth Roberts has a yearning each festive season for Christmas Dinner as his mother used to make it. The Royal Welsh Winter Fair Supreme Poultry Champion, a goose, provided him with the perfect opportunity last year.

The bird was an irresistible purchase, even if at £165 it was a touch more expensive than he might have normally paid. And Gareth knew that his wife, Falmai, would come up with the perfect stuffing, using walnuts from their own tree, while he would use his mother’s recipe for roasting potatoes in the goose fat.

The result was as perfect a Christmas Dinner as Gareth can remember, with the table in their farmhouse set for a big family meal. Only their youngest, Gruffydd, who is working in Australia, was missing.

Gareth says: “It was a very expensive Christmas Dinner, but a very traditional one as opposed to the American turkey.
“We always used to have goose in the old days with Mother and she used the fat from the goose to make the most delicious roast potatoes. I’ve always missed having duck and goose at Christmas.

“It was a bit of nostalgia for me when this Supreme Poultry Champion Goose was sold and I was willing to pay a silly price! Falmai cooked it to perfection, but she left the roast potatoes to me because I had always professed that my mother was the best woman at making roast potatoes.”

Gareth is committed to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, as a Board member, but also as an astute businessman, he wasn’t oblivious to the little bit of advertising it brought his business! This year he will, as usual, be taking a keen interest in the poultry and other stock, but is keeping his cards close to his chest as to whether he’ll be purchasing any birds!

Llaeth y Llan Village Dairy, is, although a sophisticated, modern, business selling superb yogurt into the major supermarkets, a family business strongly rooted in the local community. And Gareth extends that community spirit to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, which he describes as a ‘huge success’, going from strength to strength. The family are particularly proud of having won the RWAS Sir Bryner Jones Award in 2009.

It’s also a wonderful break from running his award winning business, employing 32 people in a deeply rural community. The figures speak for themselves, with 900 tons of yoghourt produced annually.