Supreme Sheep Champion

Butcher Chris Webb has been passionate about the Royal Welsh Winter Fair since striking up a friendship with Trebor Edwards, who later became 2008 Royal Welsh President, and his family back in the 1990s.


The friendship developed from Chris’s role buying and judging cattle at the livestock market in Crewe. It led to his becoming so passionate about the Royal Welsh Winter Fair that he has not only been a regular visitor over approximately twenty years, judging on four occasions, but last year bought the pair of Supreme Champion Sheep.

Chris was proud to take the carcasses back to his customers at Chas Webb & Sons, Northwich, and especially pleased to give something back to a show he rates as the best in the UK. He was particularly pleased to be able to say that he had been introduced to the Princess Royal, chatting about the Longhorn cattle she breeds.

Last year was the first that Chris bought the champions, although he has traditionally bought prize winning stock from the Winter Fair for sale in the run up to Christmas, and he was confident that customers, including local restaurants and hotels, appreciated the fact that he didn’t pass on any of the £4,000 paid for the pair, but was happy to sell the meat at the usual price.

Chris has been going to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair for twenty years or so and has judged livestock there on four occasions, including the Supreme Cattle Champion. He says it’s wonderful and probably the best show of commercial cattle in the country, with the support, effort and dedication from the farmers and those showing the livestock probably second to none.

He adds: “So it was partly as a Thank You to the Show that I bought the Supreme Champion lambs. It’s always an honour and a privilege to go and see it and enjoy it. Long may it last!”

Mr Webb lets the restaurants and pubs buying the meat have the prize cards to display. His customers are used to buying quality meat from him all through the year, but at Christmas time he likes to make sure they have something extra special. 

Clearly it’s a recipe for success as the Daily Star recently voted one of his steak pies, sent in by a customer, the best in the country. The pies are all made on the premises by the staff who are ‘like an extended family’ and very often from the best Welsh beef that money can buy.