Tristar Carriage Driving

The Tristar coach was built in 2013 and it is a replica of the famous ‘Prince of Wales’ coach that ran from Carmarthen to Cardiff back in 1816. The Prince of Wales was later renamed The Duke of Wellington in honour of the victory at the battle of Waterloo. Every road coach must have a name and it was decided to break all ranks and name the coach ‘Tristar’.

During that period, horses were stabled at coaching inns and no fewer than 80 horses were stabled at the Ivy Bush, Carmarthen.

Daniel Williams is the coachman and at the age of 39, is believed to be the youngest coachman in the UK to own and drive a coaching team.

Daniel inherited the passion for coaching from his father, Gwyn. Daniel has taken part in many television programmes such as ‘Y Goets Fawr’ when S4C re-enacted the Royal Mail coach running from London to Holyhead. In the early 1800’s that journey took 27 hours stopping 26 times at coaching inns to change horses.

The horses are Gelderlanders. This breed originated from the Netherlands and bred to do light farm work as well as being used for pleasure driving, although their action is extravagant they are capable of travelling 25-30 miles non stop.

As well as appearing at the Royal Welsh Show this year the ‘Tristar’ coaching team will be assisting the Royal Mail to celebrate 500 years of service by visiting 10 locations in the UK including London, Edinburgh and Belfast.