Visitor information

Useful information on how to get to the Royal Welsh Show, what facilities we have and how to make the best of yourtime at the show.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

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Please be aware that photographs and film will be taken throughout the showground for broadcast, publicity and marketing purposes.

No unauthorised filming or audio recording is permitted at the Society’s events. Any unauthorised recordings may be confiscated and/or destroyed.

Be safe at our events – dos and don’ts

1.    Prepare for the journey

The Showground is easy to find but the access roads can become quite busy on show days and include some slow moving traffic. Make sure, particularly if you have children, that you have enough food and drink for the journey.

2.    Check the weather and be prepared
Be “sun safe” as a significant amount of the event will be outdoors – bring sunblock or sunscreen.
Be prepared for rain – there are buildings that you can shelter in on the Showground.

3.    Get to know locations
Your programme will include a map of the Showground. It may be helpful to quickly identify key locations such as the toilets, first aid points and lost children centre.

4.    Stay hydrated
Bring enough drinking water. You can also purchase a wide range of drinks from the traders on the Showground.

5.    Give your legs a rest
You may be on your feet for a number of hours – make sure you take a rest.

6.    Don’t feed or pet the livestock
Do not feed or attempt to pet the livestock – they may be on special diets and may not be used to being handled.

7.    Wash your hands
Make sure that you wash your hands when you leave the livestock areas and before eating food as this will reduce the risk of you suffering from any infection associated with animal contact. Hot and cold water and disinfectant soap is available in each of the toilets.

8.    Caravans
If you are bringing a caravan to an event, please be mindful of the fire risk associated with caravans and be responsible, e.g. when cooking, don’t leave pans unattended, have a working smoke detector and dry powder fire extinguisher. Also make sure you know where the fire extinguishers on the caravan site are.

9.    Stay informed
If you have any queries, talk to one of the stewards on the Showground – Stewards will be wearing a badge and may be carrying a radio or, in the event of an incident, be wearing an orange tabard.

10.    Emergencies
In the unlikely event of an incident, please follow the instructions given.